2021 New Orleans Piano Institute Virtual International Competition

July 1-August 8, 2021*

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The New Orleans Piano Institute (NOPI) is happy to announce the 1st New Orleans Piano Institute Virtual International Competition!


  • The Competition is open to all applicants worldwide.
  • There are four age groups in the competition.
  • The judges are internationally recognized pianists and pedagogues.
  • Prize winners will receive digital Award Certificates.
  • The 1st prize winners will be featured in a collaborative video recital to be posted to MASNO’s website, YouTube page, and social media platforms.
  • The judges decisions are final.

Repertoire & Recording Guidelines

  • Repertoire is a free choice of the competitor within the time limit of the corresponding age group.
  • A single movement of a multi-movement composition can be used.
  • Simplified arrangements are not acceptable.
  • Repertoire must be submitted as a video YouTube link with the name, age, and the Competition category of the candidate clearly listed.
  • The recording must be of good sound quality with the face, hands and the keyboard clearly visible.
  • Selections must be performed from memory.

NOPI Virtual International Competition categories:
Junior Group A - 9-12 y/o (Single selection up to 5 min)
Junior Group B - 13-15 y/o (Single selection up to 8 min)
Senior Group - 16-18 y/o (Single or multiple selections up to 12 min total)
Young Artist Group - 19-27 y/o (Single or multiple selections up to 15 min total)

NOPI Virtual International Competition non-refundable application fees:

Junior Group A.............................. $50
Junior Group B.............................. $60
Senior Group................................. $70
Young Artist Group.........................$80

Fees must be paid in full at the time of submission of the competition application and by July 1. Fees must be paid on the MASNO website www.masno.org/2021-NOPI-Fees and will be processed through PayPal.

*Competition Timeline:

Deadline for submissions and paying the non-refundable application fee is July 1, 2021.
Winners will be announced by August 8, 2021.


For questions about the Competition, please email NOPI Co-Director Dr. Hristo Birbochukov | birbochukov@yahoo.com.

For questions about the Institute, please email NOPI Co-Director Dr. Igor Resnianski | igorresn@gmail.com.

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